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Colorful discharge floral bedsheets to brighten up your bedroom

Discharge printing is a very fun way of imparting different colors to fabrics. In this method, few parts of the already existing color are bleached out to show the natural color of the fabric. Creating intricate floral designs using discharge print takes time, effort, and expertise. You will love our discharge floral print bed sheets that brighten up your bedroom as nothing else does.

Have you checked out the dark blue, grey, and orange discharge floral bed sheet available right now in our catalog? This lovely pattern comes in 93” X 108” size with two pillowcases and one sheet. Both the pillowcases and the bedsheet are made of 100% cotton. You cannot get this set at a cheaper rate than this. Place your order before we stock out.

Turquoise is such a rich and royal color that is the favorite of designers globally. Our turquoise and orange king size cotton bed sheet with 2 pillowcases is something you should not miss.

Another bright color combination to choose is the bright blue and red king size cotton double bed sheet. This lovely set also comes with 2 pillowcases and a wide and comfortable cotton bed sheet sized 93” X 108”. Your bedroom will get brighter the minute you use this bedding. Give it a try.

All these floral bed sheets from our website are handmade by artisans and very minute differences in shades, design, and size are a part of the handmade charm and are to be expected. Summers bring unbearable heat and a general feeling of dullness. Beat the heat with these summer-friendly cotton bedsheets. With these discharge sheets, you will love coming back to your bedroom every day and enjoy the act of falling asleep.

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