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Mindful and uplifting mandala bedsheets

Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. It is a beautiful art form that involves geometric designs, usually created as a free-hand drawing. Mandala is associated with spirituality and denotes mental wellbeing and peace. In Hinduism, the mandala design is represented as a square with four sides/gates and a center where the energy is focused in. Mandalas are also common spiritual representations in Buddhism too. Our mandala bedsheets are the loveliest of designs from our catalog and these exquisite bedding sets come in such attractive colors that you will love.

Not a lot of brands offer single bedsheets these days. You can pick these mandala bedsheets for single mattresses on BedsheetsIndia right now. These single bedding sets come in two color options – blue and green. These are sized 63” X 108” and are paired with a single pillow cover.

The double bedsheets in royal blue and red are sized 90” X 100” and come with 2 pillow covers. The red is super bright and perfect to lift the entire look of your room. The blue is royal and serene and perfect to relax after a long day at work.

A lot of people take great care in making up the guest bedroom. While they don’t want to spend lavishly on the room, they want the space to look inviting and perfect for guests when they visit them. In such cases, these mandala bed sheets are perfect. These make the bedroom so attractive that you don’t have to spend on other accessories and additions to improve the look of the space.

All these mandala bedsheets are made of 100% cotton and these can be washed and maintained very easily. When washed in gentle machine cycles, the bedsheets last a long time.

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