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Inspiring Sanganeri printed bedsheets to make you feel like royalty

Did you know that the Sanganeri prints originated during the 16th and 17th centuries? These royal handprints have lasted for centuries together, wooing people with their fine prints and delicate designs.

Sanganer is a town in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This is the birthplace of a variety of textile hand block prints that have reached all over the world with their finesse. During the 16th and 17th centuries, when there was constant unrest and war between the Mughals and the Marathas, artists and craftsmen from Gujarat moved to Rajasthan to have new beginnings. After the East India Company came to India, Sanganeri printed textiles were one of the most exported Indian items of all.

Sanganeri Printed fabrics once belonged to the royal families of India and were valued really high. Even now, completely hand block printed Sanganeri fabrics are one of their kind and are to be cherished and loved.

You can pick up Sanganeri print bedsheets in awesome colors on If you love soft shades, then the floral printed Sanganeri double bedsheets with pillowcases from our website will be perfect for your bedroom. These sets come in subtle colors and are made of 100% cotton.

Our double bed sheets come in different sizes. 90” X 100” is the most compact of all and is perfect for standard double beds. If you have custom-made mattresses slightly wider, do not worry, all our Sanganeri print bedsheets come in bigger sizes too.

For king-sized mattresses, our 100” X 110” and 110” X 110” king size bed sheets work perfectly. These leave you with enough material to tuck inside the mattress.

While floral prints are the most popular options for these Sanganeri print bedsheets, you can also choose Mughal patterns and geometric prints that make your bedroom stand out. The basics of these Sanganeri bedsheets are priced lower than ₹1000 and you will not get these prices elsewhere.

Since many of these use natural dyes, you may have to wash these separately the first two times. This will ensure the excess dye in the product washes away and there is no risk of the color bleeding into the rest of your laundry. After 2 washes, these beauties will be ready for machine washes in gentle cycles.

Do know that the beauty of these double bed sheets and king size bed sheets in Sanganeri prints lie in their subtle imperfections. The slight smudge of dye, the really small size variations, and the way the edges are stitched all talk about each artist and their dedication to bring to you something special. Cherish and love our Sanganeri print bedsheets and they will ensure you get a good night’s sleep every day.

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