How does the colour of your Block Printed Bedsheets impact your mood?

Bedrooms are really personal spaces. So are bed sheets colour and bedroom designs. The colours and themes that you choose for your house, especially for the bedroom, speak volumes about your mood, your personality, and your thought process.

Have you entered certain houses and felt cramped, stuffy, and uncomfortable? On the other hand, certain spaces are warm, inviting, open, and friendly. The colours used in the room create such differences in mood.

Do you hate going to bed? DO you keep pushing back bedtime until you are really tired and sleepy? It means you are not happy with the bedroom space. Just changing the bed sheet’s colour can make a tremendous difference in how you feel about your bed.

How does your brain perceive colours?

When light falls on an object, it gets reflected and lands on your retina. This is sent as electrical signals to the brain. So colour is not actually something you see. It is something your brain perceives from the light signals.

While there are three basic colour shades – red, blue, and green, your brain can perceive up to 1 million colours using these three combinations!

Different colours evoke different emotions in human beings. Some colours make you feel happy and some make you feel excited. Some colours evoke a dull and sober mood in people.

When you choose bed sheets colour based on the moods they evoke, you will always be happy and satisfied when you go to bed. On BedsheetsIndia, there are so many colour combinations the bedsheets come in. Our block printed bed sheets, especially, are beautifully designed in the right colour combinations to keep your bedroom a charming and comfortable space.

Check out the below colours and their impacts on your mood.

  1. White

One of the most common block printed bed sheets colour is white. There are three reasons behind this.

  • White is a nice base to handprint in. All other printed colours look bright and beautiful on white sheets.
  • White is a calm and neutral colour. It can make a space larger, brighter, and calmer.
  • White also reflects light. It keeps summers cool without trapping in heat.

You can check out some of the beautiful block printed 100% cotton white bedsheets from BedsheetsIndia. These look stunning and instantly uplift the mood of your bedroom.

When you have white bedsheets on your bed, you will come back to a calm, relaxed, and serene space to go to sleep quickly.

bed sheets colour collection
  • Blue

Blue is also a calming shade to invest in. Blue is the colour of the skies and the sea. If your bedroom has a lot of natural sunlight, blue will instantly brighten the space and create a pleasing ambiance. Some people also believe that blue regulates the heartbeat and blood pressure and helps people relax. Make sure you don’t completely decorate your room with blue though. If you choose dark blue bedding, you can pick cream, beige, or a mix of white and blue curtains, rugs, and wall colors to create a nice contrast.

Printed bedsheets colour
  • Yellow

Want to wake up bright, happy, and joyous? Pick up yellows and shades of yellow bedsheets. Some experts believe that you should avoid painting the walls of your room yellow. They add too much brightness to the room and may prevent you from going into a deep sleep. Yellow bedding is, however, a great choice. If you are not a huge fan of bright yellow shades, pick combinations of yellow and white.

Yellow is said to stimulate your nervous system and encourage the production of happy hormones like oxytocin and dopamine.

jaipuri printed bed sheets
Brown printed bed sheets
  • Green

Green is also a very popular colour when it comes to bedding choices. Green is the colour of nature. Are you a person who loved being outdoors all the time? Picking up outdoor colours and incorporating them inside the house is a smart move then.  Green is said to be a healing colour. When you pick bed sheets colours in green shades, they heal your soul, energize you, and refresh your mind.  Green is said to have stress-relieving powers. Give our hand block printed white, pink, and olive green king sized bedsheets a try.

white printed bedsheets
green printed bedsheets with pillow
  • Silver/grey

Though not really a popular choice, silver or grey is actually a beautiful and beneficial colour for bedding. Some experts believe that the colour represents the night sky. Sleeping on grey bedding will make you feel like sleeping under the open sky at night. Grey also hides stains and soils well and you can pair up grey bedsheets with brighter coloured pillowcases and duvets to add some zing to the look. A lot of people claim they sleep better in grey bedsheets. Why don’t you try it for yourself? Our white, grey, and black hand block printed bed sheet is a comfortable and calming sheet to sleep in.

white and black bed sheets
black bedsheets collection
  • Pink

Love pink? You are not alone. In contrary to the feeling that pink is a feminine colour, a lot of adults and children, irrespective of gender, lean towards pink shades as they find them appealing and relaxing. Pink reflects love, tenderness, and empathy. Did you know that a particular jail in Switzerland was painted pink to calm down the inmates? Pink is a soothing colour and can keep away negative emotions like anger and frustration. We have a lot of pink-based bed sheets colours for you on BedsheetsIndia.

type of bedsheets
bedsheets pillow design
bed sheets colour
bed sheets colour types
  • Orange

Many people relate orange with too much brightness and gaudiness. That need not be true. While some shades of orange are a tad bit bright, how do you feel about the colour of the setting sun? How does a beautiful orange daisy flower look like? Oranges can be fun when you pick the right hues. Orange gives a stable and reassuring feeling to a room. If you need to come back to a supportive space and relax in, there is nothing better than orange bedding to do the task for you. According to certain people, orange coloured sheets help with digestion too!

list of bed sheets colour
jaipuri printed bed sheets colour


The next time you pick up bed sheets, do not go by just the aesthetic appeal. Know what each shade means and then choose the right bed sheets colour. You spend 1/3rd of your life in the bedroom. It is absolutely important that this room treats you well.

Our hand block printed bed sheets are all made of 100% pure cotton and get softer and more comfortable with every wash. These bedsheets make your space bright, happy, and elegant too. Take some time to set your bedroom the way you want. Have more than one bed sheet set and keep changing the colours and themes in the room to make things interesting.

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