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People spend a lot of time, effort, and money in designing the common areas of the house like the living room and the kitchen. Sadly, bedrooms take a backseat. In a day, you spend an average of 8 hours in your bedroom. Shouldn’t this space require equal, if not more of your attention?

Summer is a very tough season to handle. In a country like India where summers are harsh and extreme, it takes a lot of preparation early on to beat the heat and stay cool and comfortable. Once the signs of summer sets in, Indian households start making changes to their surroundings.

Bedsheets are basic needs if you want to enjoy a better quality of sleep. Since bedsheets have to be changed regularly (experts say once every week), it makes sense to have a couple of sets as spare at home. Also, changing the bedsheets gives a new look to the bedroom and makes bedtime something to look forward to. 

When it comes to bedsheets washing, there is one question everyone has. How often should I wash my bedsheets? There are families that change bedsheets only when they feel the bedsheets have visible stains on them. There are others who need fresh bedsheets every night to sleep. What’s the right thing to do?

If an average person sleeps 8 hours a day and lives 60 years, the person spends 1, 72,800 hours in bed in a lifetime. That’s one-third of the lifespan! Shouldn’t you give the right kind of importance to your bedroom, the mattress, and the bedding then?

Block prints always have their own charm. A lot of passionate home designers are switching over from machine-printed fabrics to hand block print bed sheets, curtains, and other upholstery. These block prints make a space serene, calming, and pretty as a picture.

Bedrooms are really personal spaces. So are bedroom designs. The colours and themes that you choose for your house, especially for the bedroom, speak volumes about your mood, your personality, and your thought process. Have you entered certain houses and felt cramped, stuffy, and uncomfortable? 

What comes to your mind when you think of the Indian monsoon? Gloomy skies, the constant pitter-patter of the rain, and a feeling of general laziness! Monsoons can make your bedroom space more dreary and gray if you don’t plan the room well.

Have you seen your little one push away the pillow at night and sleep super comfortably flat on the mattress? Why are we so used to pillows while the children are happy without them?

There are two answers to this – body flexibility and habit!

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