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Royally inspiring bagru print bed sheets

Bagru is a city in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and is known for its and block printing work using natural dyes. People in Bagru have been practicing the art of hand block printing for more than 100 years now. Known as bagru booti, bagru buti, or simply bagru print, the artists first engrave the design of choice on a wooden block and use natural dyes to make prints of the design on fabrics. Our bagru print bed sheets are stunning, to say the least, and these are handmade by expert artisans.

The beige and black bagru booti bedsheet comes in size 108” X 108” and is paired with matching pillow covers. You can find the same design in a pretty beige and maroon combination.

Did you know that traditionally the prints of bagru were inspired by nature? People engraved designs that they could see around them. That’s why it is normal to see floral patterns, fruit patterns, and designs of birds, tendrils, and figurative commonly in bagru printed fabrics. To date, the inspiration has not changed.

Right now though, the artists have become more creative. Geometric prints and human motifs are commonly used to make the prints more intricate and attractive. Usually, each color will have its own block. A single bedsheet can use up to 10 blocks depending on how complex the design is.

Since these bedsheets make use of natural dyes, it is normal to expect dye bleeding in the first few times of washing the sheets. Make sure you hand wash them separately the first two times to let the excess dye wash away. Our bagru print bed sheets are made of 100% cotton and get softer with every wash.

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