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Woodblock printing is a technique for imprinting designs on fabrics and papers that was in existence as early as 220 AD. Though block printing had its roots in China, it was Indian artisans who took it to the next level and introduced block printed textiles to the world.

Bagru is a small village in Jaipur where still a majority of families are block printing artists who create stunning fabrics in an array of colors. In this technique, the craftsman uses a handmade wooden block to stamp dye onto pieces of cloth. The end result is elegant and very classic and that’s why Indians love block prints in all their clothes, bedding, and upholstery.

The advantage of buying hand block printed bed sheets from BedsheetsIndia is that these are made by hand, using safe dyes and hardwood stamps and there are no harsh chemicals added to the process. This is nature’s best way of sending you some love straight to the bedroom.

Our cotton double bed sheets in block prints come in so many color combinations and add a zing to your bedroom space. You can pick floral prints, traditional geometric block prints, and other contemporary prints from our website and enjoy using them.

Since the artist’s creativity is the only deciding factor here, you can find some really stunning designs in our hand block print category and these bedsheets are super affordable too.

Our hand block printed bed sheets come in different sizes and do measure the size of your mattress and buy slightly larger sheets. This helps easily tuck in the sheets to give a crisp and clean finish to your bed.

Whites are the favorite base color for these artists to work on. There are a lot of white bedsheets on our website with pigment block printed colors and designs on them. These will keep you cool all through summer.

You can also choose brighter reds, greens, and blues too. Do know that the beauty of these cotton double bed sheets in block prints lies in their subtle uniqueness? No two block printed bed sheets will look 100% similar like machine printed ones and this fact adds to their charm.

All hand block prints need to be hand washed separately the first two times. This will help the extra dye wash off and after that, you can machine wash these in gentle cycles. Our 100% cotton bedsheets get softer with every wash. Give these a try.

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