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Neptol bed sheets – Unique shades and irresistible designs just for you

Neptol is a lovely color group that is a favorite for artisans for its rapid discharge and lovely finish. You can find very unique shades in this color group that are not very easily available elsewhere. If you have been searching for such distinctive color shades, check out our neptol cotton double bed sheets.

Available in stunning block print designs, these double and king-sized cotton bedsheets are like no other you have ever seen before. Check out our navy blue booti neptol bed sheet set. The borders are stunning with elephant print and the rest of the space is filled with small hand block print designs called bootis. The final effect is charming. You can get the same design in red and maroon shades too.

Another blue set that you definitely should pick up is the exquisite neptol blue and white set. This comes in 100” X 108” size with two matching pillows and the set will create a serene and calming effect to your bedroom space.

Brown is a lovely earthen color for bedsheets too. The blockprints on king size cotton double bedsheet and two pillow covers in beautiful brown neptol is something that will keep your roots grounded and will invite you to take a good night’s sleep every day.

All our neptol cotton double bed sheets come in different sizes and you can check the description to make the right purchase. Since these are handmade by crafters, slight variations in size can be expected. You can hand wash these a couple of times and let the excess colors bleed out before machine washing them in gentle cycles.

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