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6 Incredible Benefits of Cotton Bedding


A good night’s sleep can be a game-changer the next day. Sleeping peacefully at night will keep you more energetic, active, focused, and conscious during waking hours. Did you know that your bedding can also determine your quality of sleep? Cotton bedsheets give you comfort and keep you relaxed all through the night. What’s so special about cotton bedding, you may ask? Here are six incredible benefits of cotton bedding that promote better sleep.


1. Cotton is Breathable

What is breathability, and why is it one of the benefits of cotton bedding? The fabric’s breathability is its ability to let air flow from one side to another. For instance, a sieve is 100% breathable because the tiny holes in the sieve let air flow through. A glass slab is fully non-breathable because it does not allow airflow in.

When you compare this example, cotton fabric is like a sieve. When you sleep, your body traps the heat around you, making you hot and uncomfortable. This can also lead to sweating.

Cotton bedsheetslet air flow comfortably around your body when you sleep, and this can help keep you cool all through the night. This definitely helps in better sleep.

2. Cotton is Soft on the Skin

Some fabrics are naturally rough due to the type and size of yarns. 100% pure cotton can be a blessing to the skin and feel soft and cozy. Imagine coming home after a long day at work and retiring to a bed made with fresh, soft, and blissful cotton bedsheets. There can be nothing that will induce sleep faster than this!

All the bedsheets from Bedsheetsindia are carefully chosen to have the best possible texture on the skin.

3. Cotton Remains Soft After Multiple Washes

This is an extension of the second point. How often have you bought expensive bedding that felt wonderful to touch just to find the fabric losing its sheen, feel, and look after the first wash? Some materials may be processed to feel soft the first time you use them. After a single wash, though, the roughness starts creeping in.

Cottonis a fabric that is naturally created to be washed and dried regularly and only get softer with every wash. The cotton bedsheets from BedsheetsIndia, after several cycles of washing, would remind you of your dadi or nani’s cotton saree – soft, fluffy, and wonderful to touch.

4. Cotton is Hard Wearing

Cotton is a hard-wearing material, which means it is adaptable to rough usage and will last you long. According to textile experts, cotton bedsheets made of 100% cotton fabric will last at least twice as long as polyester or other manufactured fabric sheets.

Don’t we all have this love for long-lasting things? When your bedsheets last long, they are one-time investments, and you don’t have to keep spending on them often.

I come from a family where we reuse things as much as possible. Old bedsheets turn into wash clothes, then rag clothes. When your sheets turn old, simply convert them into something else of use and get the most out of the money you spent!

5. Cotton is Natural

This is such a simple yet substantial point in this list of benefits of cotton. Any fiber created artificially goes through chemical synthesis, and these come with their own side effects.

Though cotton goes through certain production processes, the base is a natural fiber, making cotton much better than manufactured materials.

If you can afford it, you can also try sourcing organic cotton, which has more beneficial properties to them.

6. Cotton Bedsheets are Affordable

What do you think is the starting price of cotton bedsheets sold on BedsheetsIndia? It is INR 399! After a 20% discount for Holi, the price is INR 319. Unlike what people have always assumed, good quality bedding need not always be expensive.

When our founders started BedsheetsIndia, there was one factor they strongly believed in – the ability to eliminate most intermediaries’ costs and bring quality bedding directly from manufacturers and creators to buyers.

We have held on to this value to date. You could compare the costs of similar bedsheets anywhere else in the country, and this would be the most competitive price you can get.

Cotton is an affordable fabric, and if you are asked to pay a high price for cotton bedding, definitely be aware of the market costs before shelling out the money.


Four common types of cotton bedding are used in India – bedsheets, pillowcases, blankets, and duvets or razais. You can find all these variants in 100% cotton on BedsheetsIndia’s website. All the above benefits of cotton bedding have made these the most popular types of bedding bought globally. Cotton bedsheets are all-season stars and can be used daily without worrying about maintenance or fabric damage. If you are looking for comfortable summer sheets, explore the lovely hand block prints, kalamkaris, Mandalas, and Sanganeri printed sheets on our website. You will not be disappointed with the choices available.

Arindam Mallick
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