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Benefits of Cotton Bedsheets – The Benefits Beyond the Obvious


In the last blog, we discussed the obvious benefits of cotton bedsheets including their affordability, range of options, and texture.

In this blog, we will try and explore the benefits of cotton bedsheets beyond the obvious and known facts to see why the world is obsessed over cotton and why investing in cotton bedsheets is a smart move.

Benefits of Cotton Bedsheets – Stats to stun you

benefits of cotton bedsheets stats
  1. Cotton is produced on five continents worldwide – Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Australia.
  2. 75+ countries in the world produce cotton. The top countries are China, India, the USA, Brazil, Pakistan, and Turkey.
  3. More than 28 million families grow cotton as their primary crop. Apart from farmers, about 72 million more families deal with different kinds of cotton trades and benefit from it.
  4. The annual global revenue generated out of cotton is close to 41.2 billion.

According to the Ministry of textiles, cotton is the livelihood crop for up to 6 million farmers in India. About 40-50 million individuals are involved in the cotton trade.

When you buy cotton bedsheets, and what are the benifits you help more than Indian cotton traders run their businesses, and many farming families sustain their livelihood.

Cotton and Biodegradability

All fabrics go to waste at the end of their lifecycle. This could be after a year, a few years, or after a decade, depending on how well the fabric is weaved and the quality of yarns used. The biodegradability of materials differs, and of all materials available, cotton decomposes quickly, which is one reason why many eco-conscious individuals choose benefits of cotton bedsheets, bedding, and clothes for themselves and their families.

If it is 100% pure cotton, the decomposition time is just five months. For comparison, we have given the decomposition rates of other popular materials.

MaterialDecomposition rate
Pure Linen2-3 weeks
Pure cotton5 months
Pure Bamboo12 months
Wool1-5 years depending on quality
Synthetic fabricsNon-biodegradable

This is one reason people should look at the composition of fabrics before picking them up. Like how plastics remain in landfills for centuries, polyester fibers can hoard landfills and choke up the environment.

Cotton and Skin Health

According to studies, about 10% of Indian adults are diagnosed with Allergic Rhinitis, eczema, or both. Experts feel that the actual number could still be higher and undiagnosed.

How does fabric cause or accentuate skin conditions? There are two answers to this.

  • A fabric’s constant friction or contact on the skin could lead to worsening symptoms like itching and redness.
  • The fabric’s properties (non-breathability, rough texture, synthetic/chemical-laden yarns) could cause skin conditions like eczema and heat rashes.

When a fabric does not absorb sweat, the skin is constantly wet and sticky, leading to the growth of microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. This is one common reason why skin infections increase in summer.

One of the proven benefits of cotton bedsheets is its ability to keep the skin breathable and airy. That’s why it is the material of choice in humid and hot countries like India.

Cotton is generally considered a hypoallergenic fabric and suits most people. It is a safe bet if you have sensitive skin.

Benefits of Cotton Bedsheets For Body Odor

Some people sweat more than usual, and when they wake up, they feel sweaty and sticky and smell pungent. Now, while this is absolutely fine, did you know that cotton bedsheets may help reduce the intensity of body odor in the morning?

The idea is simple. A 100% pure cotton bedsheet quickly absorbs sweat without letting the wet feeling stay behind in the skin. As a result, you wouldn’t smell as strong as you did when you slept on non-absorbing bedsheets made of polyester or satin.

For people who sweat quite a lot at night, it is recommended that they wash their bedsheets at least once or twice a week to keep sheets clean and odor-free.

Cotton and Ease of Handling

benefits of cotton bedsheets

In the busy life that most of us have, convenience is an essential word that all brands are after. When we spoke to people about what they wanted in bedsheets before developing BedsheetsIndia, most people mentioned ease of maintenance as a vital factor, as important as the quality of material or design.

Did you know that the ease of maintenance depends on the thread count, dye used, and the weaving process?

Very delicate fabrics may get damaged in washed in washing machines. Similarly, bedsheets with higher thread count may be thicker and more challenging to dry.

All our cotton bedsheets are machine washable, can be quickly air-dried, and are strategically created to make them super easy to maintain.


Cotton, without a doubt, is one of the best fabrics for bedding. Cotton is soft and comfortable and good for the skin, helping keep the risk of skin infections low. Cotton bedsheets can be used throughout the year, which have long lives too.

The benefits of cotton bedsheets extend even to the environment. You can reuse cotton bedsheets in different ways at home. Ultimately, you can discard cotton fabrics in the waste without feeling guilty about choking landmines. BedsheetsIndia brings 100% cotton bedsheets in different sizes, prints, and designs. These are highly affordable and are easy to buy too. Check our new summer collections and enjoy a great night’s sleep every day on BedsheetsIndia’s bedding sets!

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