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How to Choose the Best Bedsheets in Summer?


Summer is a very tough season to handle. In a country like India where summers are harsh and extreme, it takes a lot of preparation early on to beat the heat and stay cool and comfortable. Once the signs of summer sets in, Indian households start making changes to their surroundings. Woolen clothes are packed and put away and so are woolen bedsheets and dohars. People start leaving their windows open to let some fresh air in. This is also the time to invest in new summer bedsheets.

What are Summer Bedsheets?

Summer bedsheets are those kinds of bedding created especially for hot summers. Summer brings with itself sweat and discomfort. Your bedding should not add to your irritation.

Here are factors to consider before you choose bedsheets for summer.



Without a doubt, you will have to pick up cotton bedsheets for summer. Did you know that cotton fabrics can absorb and hold water up to 27 times their weight?

Cotton easily absorbs your sweat and leaves you feeling comfortable when you sleep. Cotton is also extremely breathable. It does not leave your skin sticky, dry, and cramped.

Look for the 100% cotton tag when you choose bedsheets. Some brands say they sell cotton sheets but when you look, the sheets are blended cotton (cotton mixed with other kinds of materials) that are not skin-friendly.

Thread Count

You may have heard salesmen trying to sell you expensive bedding with very high thread counts. While fabrics with a higher thread count are definitely more luxurious, they are not great for summers. Bedsheets with thread counts more than 300 can trap body heat and make your mattress hot and sweaty. Pick thinner, pure cotton summer bedsheets that are available in thread counts ranging between 175 and 300.

Feel of the Bedsheet

summer cotton bed sheets

There are lots of families that religiously starch their bedsheets every time they wash them. Starching gives a crisp and clean look and feel to the sheets and also prevents them from getting wrinkled. In summer though, starch is not your friend. Starched fabrics can be rough on the skin and cause itching and pain. Use unstarched, soft sheets in summer that are more comfortable.

If you buy a new bedsheet that comes starched, it is a wise option to wash the sheet first before using it. This removes excess starch from the fabric and makes it more understated and cozy.


Have you heard people telling you to choose lighter colored clothes in summer? Lighter-colored bedsheets reflect the heat from the atmosphere instead of absorbing it and can actually feel cooler at the end of the day than dark-colored bedsheets. Look for white or other milder-colored bedsheets that are better to handle hot summers.

Did you know that lighter-colored summer bedsheets also make your bed look more spacious? That’s definitely an added advantage.

Weight of the sheets

If you will be washing, drying, and ironing your own bedsheets, then it makes sense to pick bedsheets that are lighter. These are easier to handle and these dry quickly too. In summers, the bedsheets get soiled quickly because of body sweat. It is hence recommended you change your bedsheets at least twice a week. In such cases, opting for lighter, flowy, cotton sheets is a smart move.


Traditional cotton

Summer is the time to experiment with different prints and designs. Floral prints? yes please! Kalamkari? Absolutely. Block prints? You cannot get anything better than that.

A lot of homeowners change the complete look of their bedrooms including curtains, carpets, and bedding to welcome summer. You can try that too.

There are so many traditional prints and designs bedsheets come in these days. A lot of them are handwoven and hand-printed sheets that are the results of immense efforts of India’s creative artisans. Pick some of these up and give your bedroom a new life.

Keep in Mind Skin Allergies

Summer brings with itself a variety of skin problems like heat rashes, acne breakouts, sunburns, and infections because of blocked glands. If you have very sensitive skin, then choosing bedsheets that don’t allow your skin to breathe can make the condition worse.

In such cases, pick up summer bedsheets with 100% organic tags. This is really important to prevent allergy flare-ups.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Apart from the quality of your bedding, the quality of the mattress plays a role too. Latex mattresses, cooling gel foam mattresses, and innerspring mattresses are better options in summer as these don’t trap heat and let fresh air flow through.
  • Make sure your pillowcases are made of 100% cotton too. You keep your face on the covers and these have to be skin-friendly and breathable too.
  • Keep your house well ventilated in summer. This will prevent microorganisms from thriving on the bedsheets. Ventilation also helps you sweat less when you sleep.
Summer bedsheets set


A good night’s sleep can make a tremendous positive impact on your physical and mental health. Your bedding, especially in the summer, plays a role in determining how comfortably you sleep. Always prefer quality and type of material over the color or design. Choose bedding from brands that know what they are doing.

Pack away your polyester, cotton polyester, nylon, and cotton blended sheets, and pick up pure cotton summer bedsheets to make your summers bearable.

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