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What are the Top Bedsheet Designs in India?


Did you know top bedsheet designs can even be customized to exactly match your needs? Bedsheets are not mere protective covers for mattresses anymore. Bedsheets reflect a person’s style, keep them warm and cozy, and create the perfect ambiance for falling asleep. That’s why bedsheets come in so many prints, colors, and designs.

When it comes to bedsheet designs, there are two broad categories to know about – traditional and contemporary. Now, there are different variants in each of these categories, and we will take you through some of the popular styles available. At the end of the blog, you will be able to pick the perfect style for your bedroom and match it with the rest of the interiors.

Traditional Bedsheet Designs

The first and the most popular category of bedsheet design for Indian homes is definitely traditional. Indians have this partiality towards traditional designs because most people feel the colors used and the designs printed match their culture, thoughts, and the rest of their interiors. BedsheetsIndia has made immense efforts trying to source indigenous prints and designs created by Indian artisans across the country. As a result, you can find some of the most delicate prints and designs on our bedsheets and other bedding accessories available for you to try out at the click of a button.

Did you know that India’s love for fabrics and prints existed even during the Medieval Era? There are proofs of Indians exporting cotton from the country to Egypt during this period. During the Mughal Empire, India produced about 25% of all the textiles exported worldwide, and th designs and prints were greatly loved. The love for Indian prints remains to date.

Let’s come back to bedsheet designs now. On BedsheetsIndia, you can find so many interesting prints and designs under the traditional category. Check out some of our best sellers here.

Hand Block Prints

Hand block prints are also called wooden block prints, and this is a technique of first creating a wooden seal or block that is dipped into ink and then pressed upon fabrics to get the desired design. The process for block printing is extensive and starts from creating the wooden blocks, prepping the fabric, pressing the designs right, letting it dry, and then washing it. The finished fabric is then converted into bedsheets after cutting them into desired lengths and shapes. Hand-block printed bedsheet designs are very elegant and usually come on neutral-colored bases. The block prints are intricate and exquisite and will help give your bedroom a royal makeover.

Mandala Prints

Mandala is a configuration of symbols, usually enclosed within a circle, and mandala has different spiritual significances in different religions. This structure is used as an aid for meditating or praying and is designed in multiple layers, from outside to the inside. There are references to mandalas in the Indian culture as early as the first century BCE. Most of our rangolis are inspired by Mandala designs too.

If you want your bedroom space to reflect a Zen mode and be able to calm down and sleep every night, try picking up some of our Mandala cotton bedsheet designs. These are great for all seasons and would never go out of style.

Kalamkari Print

One of the most popular traditional prints right now is the Kalamkari. As the name suggests, this was originally hand drawn using a pen and then filled up with colors. Right now, though, Kalamkari machine prints are more common, and these are more affordable too. Our beige and black Kalamkari double bedsheet is one of our best sellers, and with a thread count of 180-200, this is great for both summers and winters and will keep you comfortable. If you have a love for this unique art, then this bedsheets designs will leave you happy and sated. Try this out.

Sanganeri Prints

Another of the beautiful bedsheet designs you cannot miss is the Sanganeri one. Sanganer is a village in Rajasthan and has its own curated hand block printing technique that is now known all over the world as Sanganeri designs. This form of textile printing is more than five centuries old, and you will find a lot of bright colors, floral prints, geometric prints, and intricate patterns in this form. Check out some of our best sellers out here.

Contemporary Bed Sheet Designs

Contemporary top bedsheet designs use a lot of modern printing forms, and the patterns are sleek and subtle, and come in amazing color hues. Some people may have spent a lot of money creating modern and chic interiors in their bedroom, and the traditional designs may look a tad too much in such a space. In such cases, contemporary designs work really well. Another advantage of contemporary designs is that since most of them are machine-made, they are affordable and available in many color combinations and styles.

Here are some of our contemporary styles for you to feast your eyes on.

Geometric Prints

Without a doubt, geometric design bedsheets are the most popular of the contemporary sheets, and this is a style that is here to stay. There is something calming about repetitive patterns, don’t you think? That’s the idea behind geometric prints. These suit most bedrooms and interiors, and you can pick them in so many color choices too. All our geometric print bedsheets come with pillow covers, and you can customize them to be fitted sheets too. Get in touch with us to know more.

Plain sheets

Our plain sheets also fall under the contemporary category. Some people like their bedding to be very subtle, especially if the rest of the bedroom looks bright and colorful. Plain sheets are easy to maintain too, and you can mix and match the sheets with different pillow covers. Our satin top bedsheet designs are perfect for the coming winter. Satin is silky and soft on the skin and also traps body heat, keeping you warm. Give this a try, and sleep like a baby.

Digital Prints

Another latest design that’s becoming the favorite of many is digital prints. You can create patterns digitally and directly transfer them to fabrics, just like you would print on a paper sheet. Digital top bedsheets designs are very affordable as they are made large scale, and the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. Using this technique, you can get any color, shade, and design printed the way you want. If you are looking for unique bedsheet designs, check out some of these options from BedsheetsIndia!


BedsheetsIndia is a startup founded by people who absolutely love textiles, fabrics, and Indian artwork. As a result, every single bedsheet designs you see on the website is one-of-its-kind and lovingly sourced from different parts of the country. There are hundreds of traditional and contemporary prints for you to pick from on the website, and since we source directly from the manufacturer, you get these at the best possible prices.

Our bedsheets are created to last a really long time. All you need is a couple of these top bedsheets design to last you for years. These sheets only get softer with every wash.

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