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Bed Sheet Wholesale Market in India


India is home to street-smart and intelligent individuals who come with a flair for business. For many people, the art of running a business is genetically passed! The bed sheet wholesale market is booming right now, and people are ready to pay premium prices for the right products. As a bedsheet retailer, all you need to focus on is finding the right manufacturer, picking up the perfect material, and choosing designs that are in trend.

If all these factors are set right, your business will continue to quickly grow and capture the market. So many brands have sprung up in the last five years that focus exclusively on bedding. Most of these brands continue to do well to date.

India, without a doubt, is one of the best places to start a business right now. According to experts, India’s Business Expectations Index (BEI) has been consistently increasing in the last few years; in 2022, this stands at 134.70 points. The BEI talks about nine business indicators, including overall business situation, production, inventory, profit margins, and capacity utilization.

Identifying the Right Cotton Bed Sheet Wholesale Market and Manufacturer

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One of the biggest challenges in entering the wholesale market of bedsheets is finding the right manufacturer who can give you the products you prefer at affordable prices and in quantities you want.

In the past, not everyone who has wanted to make a mark in the bed sheet wholesale market has succeeded because of:

  1. Pairing themselves with the wrong manufacturers
  2. Not identifying a manufacturer who would work based on their requirements

Here are the challenges in identifying the right cotton bed sheet wholesaler and manufacturer for your retail business.

Minimum order quantities

When you meet with a wholesale manufacturer, the first question is ‘what is your minimum order quantity?’. Do remember that such wholesalers don’t engage with people who don’t promise to buy in bulk regularly.

You cannot walk to a large bedding manufacturing unit and ask to get 1000 pieces to start with. They don’t make small profits and cannot deal with smaller numbers, given their initial investments and logistics.

Unless you are ready to stock up on tens of thousands of bedsheets, you will not be able to buy from a reputed manufacturer.

For smaller quantities, the larger manufacturer usually directs the buyer to the next line distributor, who add their profits to the cost and thereby increases your buying price.

Customization differences

Even if a bed sheet wholesale market manufacturer decides to engage with you, their manufacturing setup is often designed to churn out multiple pieces of the same color, design, and pattern. So you may end up with similar patterns of bed sheets that may not be easy to sell.

You cannot expect the manufacturer to give you ten pieces of each available color and pattern. This becomes even more challenging if you are expecting customized designs and colors. Unless you have the bandwidth to purchase in bulk, this won’t work.  

Logistical problems

The next part is the logistics. Let’s say you did manage to find a manufacturer who is ready to take an order for the quantity of your choice and in the price you prefer. Such a manufacturer could be sitting 1000 km away in a rural part of Gujarat, and you could be located in Bangalore. Shipping the items to your location can prove very expensive and add considerably to your final selling price.

In the wholesale market of bedsheets, where you see products being sold at really affordable prices, you wouldn’t be able to survive as a retailer who is hit by the logistics wave.

Initial investment costs

Initial investment costs are a combination of the three problems stated above. Unless you come with cushy funding or angel investment, handling the whole process of settling on a manufacturer, getting the stocks, and starting up will not be easy.

The Bedsheets India Advantage

Exquisite print in blue on white on super kingsize double bedsheet in premium cotton and two pillow covers

If the above write-up has bought down your spirits, then do not worry. We come here with a solution. Bedsheets India is one of the leading names in the bed sheet wholesale market, and we have been working with small and large artisans and wholesale manufacturers for several years now.

As a result, we could be your perfect partner when you want to deal with bedsheets and other types of bedding in bulk. You may ask, how different are we from your regular cotton bed sheet wholesaler and manufacturer?

  1. We have the ability to offer bedsheet quantities of your choice without fixing Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ). As a result, you would be able to become a distributor or a seller, despite the size of your business.
  2. You don’t have to restrict yourself to limited colors, designs, or patterns when it comes to buying in bulk. Once you get in touch with Bedsheets India, we will get in touch with you with the available catalog, and you can choose from it with no restrictions.
  3. We have working relationships with some of the choicest and most exceptional bedding artisans and manufacturers. We deal with wholesale bed sheets, logistical hassles, order quantities, and stocks, so you can choose to buy the quantities that you want as a reseller.
  4. We strive to ensure the products reach you on time. You don’t have to wait for several months for the stocks to reach you. Once you make a choice, we will get back with realistic shipping dates and stick to them.
  5. Imagine buying thousands of bedsheets from a manufacturer at the other end of the country just to see that the sheets all have defects in them. In most cases, the manufacturer would refuse to give a refund, and even if they agree, the refund process will get very tiresome. Bedsheets India promises full refunds and guarantees of return in case of defects.


Trying to start up a business can be challenging, and we know that drill. That is why Bedsheets India has made it slightly easier for resellers to try and find quality bedsheets in the quantities they want at wholesale prices very easily. We encourage online inquiries, and our team will be quick to get back to you with the details.

The bed sheet wholesale market has a lot of scope for growth. All you need to do is have the urge to offer good quality products at the right prices for your customers. All of Bedsheet India’s products are priced lower than the industry average, so will you when you make us your wholesale bed sheets partner.

Get in touch with us to know more. call us: +91-79827 28096

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