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Many of us remember visiting our grandparents’ houses and finding soft and thick handmade blankets offered for the night. Your grandmother or local artisan women would have probably made these blankets. These are called dohar sheets, and dohars have been a part of Indian culture for centuries now. But do you know where to Buy Dohars in India

The History of Dohar

The name dohar is derived from the word ‘Doharana,’ which means layering or repeating. Typically, such dohar blankets are pieces of bedding made from multiple layers of cotton fabrics, making them thicker and fluffier yet airy and soft on the skin.

Traditionally, the women of the house pick up soft pieces of cotton clothes and old sarees and stitch them on top of each other to make a thick and comfortable blanket for the family.

Right now, though, you don’t have to wait for a relative to make this for you. Modern dohars in varied sizes are available from brands like BedsheetsIndia. You can get different kinds of artisan to Buy Dohars in India online for affordable prices any time you want.

Difference Between Comforters and Dohars

There has always been some confusion regarding what goes into making a comforter and a dohar.

Here is the basic difference that you should know about.

A dohar is made of repetitive pieces of cotton stitched together. A comforter, however, is two pieces of fabrics, stuffed with cotton, muslin, or other similar fillers.

Comforters are thicker and can be perfect for winters. Dohar blankets are all-season favourites and are light enough to be used during summer too.

Right now, though, some models of dohars also come with fillers inside to make them thicker and more comfortable. So, in this case, you could use these words interchangeably.

Ideally, cotton dohar is the most commonly available type. You wouldn’t find dohars in other materials like wool or microfiber. Comforters can be made of any material, including wool, flannel, microfiber, or polyester.

Common Sizes of Dohars Available in India

Just like bedsheets, you can find dohar sheets available in many standard sizes, and it is important that you pick the right size depending on your needs.

The below table gives you the sizing information of dohar blankets on BedsheetsIndia.

TypeSize in inches
Single bed dohar60 X 90
Double bed dohar90 X 100

Now, unlike bedsheets, dohars don’t have to be tucked into the mattress, and hence don’t look for really large ones. You can start by measuring the size of your mattress and picking a dohar that closely matches the sizes or is slightly larger breadth-wise.

The Best Seasons to Use Dohars

This is one of the best things about dohars. There is no specific season to use these sheets, unlike comforters and woolen blankets. A dohar is something you can enjoy using in different ways all through the year in a country like India.

Cotton dohar for summer is designed to be lightweight and airy. This will not warm you up but rather keep you comfortable all night long.

In winter, if a dohar isn’t enough to keep you warm, you can use it as a top layer and then put on a woolen sheet or a comforter on top. Since dohars are made of cotton, they are gentler on the skin and keep you comfortable.

During the monsoon, use single bed dohars as throws on your sofa. You can cover your feet up when the temperature drops and enjoy a cup of hot chai!

BedsheetIndia’s dohar online comes in such beautiful colours and prints that you will enjoy flaunting the same in your living room space.

Buy Dohars in India from BedsheetsIndia

All of our dohars are made of premium cotton, and you will absolutely love the feeling of the material on your skin. We have consciously chosen bright and colourful prints on these blankets, so they instantly draw attention when laid on your mattress.

Check out some of our top-selling cotton dohar models below.

Bedsheet + Dohar Combo Set

Our premium cotton double dohar and bedsheet set in grey and red on white remains our best seller because it comes as a set. This 100% cotton dohar for summer will keep you cool and comfortable while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

For the price, you will get:

  • 1 full double-sized dohar (90” X 100”)
  • 1 king-sized bedsheet (100” X 108”)
  • 2 pillowcases

All these are premium quality sheets that are made of 100% cotton. The dohar is made of three-layered flannel and is soft on the skin.

Buy Dohars in India

Single mulmul + flannel dohar in pink

Even if you don’t have a single mattress, you should get this because of its versatility. This cotton dohar in pink is reversible and comes in two beautiful prints.

You can use this in the kids’ room, place it as a throw in your living room, or even keep it in your car and use, when you feel cold. The flannel layer is extremely soft on the skin, and the colour is pleasing on the eye. This product is available at a limited-time discount too.

pink mulmul dohar pair

Double Dohar Blankets in Grey + Orange

 Another of our favourite best sellers is our dohar in the grey + orange combination. This is bright and super adorable and available in size 90” X 100”. This model is reversible too. You can enjoy using two different colours and designs in the same dohar.

white multicolour double dohar pure cotton

Tips to Maintaining Dohars

  1. Since many of our dohars are handmade, the colours may slightly bleed in the first few washes. So we recommend separately washing these by hand the first 2-3 times.
  2. All our dohars are made of 100% cotton and can be machine washed after the colour bleeding stops in gentle cycles.
  3. We recommend air drying the dohars to maintain their soft texture.


A dohar is an absolutely lovely addition to your bedding set and will keep you comfortable and cosy. Unlike other winter blankets and bedsheets that you have to keep away after winter, you can happily use cotton dohar sets all through the year.

Do check out BedsheetsIndia’s 100% cotton dohar blankets and pick up the ones in the right size. These seasob Buy Dohars in India also make great gifting options.

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