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Pros and Cons of Using Fitted Bedsheets


In the recent past, everybody has been looking for elastic fitted bedsheets, both online and offline. There are a lot of advantages tagged behind these sheets, and in many places, elastic sheets are slightly more expensive than regular flat sheets.

Are these fitted bedsheets worth the extra money you spend on them? What do these sheets look like in India and in other parts of the world? How do you pick the right-sized fitted sheets? This blog will help you understand the basics of these types of sheets and give you awesome recommendations on king, queen, and single-sized sheets.

What are Fitted Bedsheets?

Fitted sheets are flat sheets with corners stitched with elastic bands on all four sides. The elastic hemming on the seams and corners fits perfectly on the sides and corners of your mattress like a cover.

You can use fitted sheets just like regular sheets, and these can be paired with comforters, dohars, and other such add-ons.

How are Elastic Bedsheets Different in India Then world?

This is a fun fact that you should know!

In India, regular bedsheets come with elastic-hemmed corners and are termed fitted bedsheets. You can choose a flat sheet or an elastic bed sheet to go over your mattress.

In other parts of the world, though, these fitted sheets serve the purpose of mattress protectors. These come in materials that ward off stains or spills and are used to protect the mattress from everyday wear and tear.

People use fitted sheets over their mattresses and then cover this up with regular flat sheets that are meant to be slept on. The flat sheets usually come in better and more skin-friendly materials like cotton, flannel, or silk. It is very common to see fitted sheets made of polyester since these don’t come in contact with the skin.

When you order bedding sets in the US or other countries, you usually get a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and matching pillowcases.

In India, though, regular bedding sets come with flat sheets and pillow covers, and fitted bedding sets come with fitted sheets and pillow covers!

What are the Advantages of Elastic Fitted Bedsheets?

Let’s focus on the elastic fitted bed sheets sold in India for this blog. Here are some of the advantages they have.

  1. It is very easy to change sheets since an elastic bed sheet goes on the mattress like a dream. You don’t have to keep struggling with getting each corner tucked in right. The hemmed corners slide under the mattress quite easily.
  2. Some people are tossers, which means that they keep moving all through the night when they sleep. As a result, the sheet usually is all crumpled and messy in the morning. With fitted bedsheets, you can toss and turn all that you want. The sheet stays put, thanks to the hemmed corners.
  3. With fitted sheets, you can also enjoy a smooth and clean profile on the top of the mattress. So, even if you don’t make much of an effort, your bed looks done and neat.

Disadvantages of Using Fitted Bedsheets?

There definitely aren’t any major disadvantages of fitted bedsheets, as these are designs created to beat the original challenges of flat sheets. However, there are a few tricks that these sheets may pose, like the ones below.

  • Size matters

Unlike flat sheets, where you can easily tuck the longer ends of the sheet under the bed and still make them work, an elastic bed sheet needs to be of the perfect size for it to work. If your fitted sheet is shorter than the length and breadth of the mattress, it won’t fit at all, and you cannot use it.

If the sheet is longer or wider than the mattress, the corners won’t go over snugly over the bed, which will destroy the sheet’s whole purpose.

For example, a king size flat sheet can be used for a queen size bed by tucking in more fabric. However, an elastic bedsheet king size cannot be used for a queen bed.

  • Folding challenges

One thing that everyone struggles with in an elastic bed sheet is folding and storing it. Flat sheets are easy to fold and store because of their clean corners. With elastic sheets, though, the folding can go all messy if not done right.

  1. Don’t worry. We have got the perfect trick for you.
  2. Hold the two corners of the shorter side of the sheet. The sheet has to be inside out.
  3. Hold the sheet in the middle of the hemmed corners.
  4. Bring one hand to the other, so you now hold both the hemmed corners on one of your hands.
  5. Now, grab the other corner hanging down below your free hand and join it to the two corners you are already holding.
  6. Now you will have three corners joined together and the fourth side hanging down.
  7. Bring the fourth corner up, and fold it over all the other corners, with the hemmed curve covering up these three corner edges.
  8. Lay the sheet on the floor, and you will see the corners are snugly fit and flat.
  9. Fold the sheet like how you will fold any regular sheet now.

Follow these nine steps, and you can start folding fitted bedsheets like a pro.

How to Order Fitted Sheets Online from BedsheetsIndia?


Many customers have gotten in touch with us, suggesting we add elastic fitted bedsheets to our portfolio, and you know that we listen!

Right now, most of the flat sheet designs available on our website can be customized into a king or a queen size fitted bed sheet, depending on your size requirements.

Here is how to do that.

  1. We always recommend measuring your mattress size, so you can pick the perfect bedsheet from us. For an elastic bed sheet, size matters even more.
  2. Once you measure the size, browse through our website to find out the patterns/models that you like.
  3. Visit our contact page to get our email ID or phone number.
  4. Get in touch with us to give the measurement details (length, breadth, and thickness of your mattress) and the preferred designs.
  5. We will check with our customization team and confirm if the chosen design can be converted into an elastic bed sheet.

Once you receive the confirmation, you can go ahead and place an order.

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