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Winter in some parts of India can be severe, and thin bed sheets that you use during summer may leave you cold and uncomfortable. Not everyone can afford to run heaters all through the night. This will spike up the electricity bills and isn’t sustainable environmentally too. That’s why families should have two sets of bedding – the cotton summer bedsheets and the thick and cozy warm bedsheets.

Thin cotton bedsheets are perfect for hot summers as the cotton fabric is breathable and lets air flow through. During winters, though, they can make the surface you sleep in the cold.

Warm bedsheets are significant investments that you should not miss. Once you start enjoying a good night’s sleep, curled up in a thick winter bedsheet that retains heat, you cannot return to your older, thinner sheets.

What are Warm Bedsheets?

As the name suggests, warm bedsheets are made of fabrics that keep you warm and comfortable. These are perfect for winters to retain heat and keep you snug all night long. Most warm bedsheets are made of a material called flannel.

What is Flannel?

Flannel is a type of fabric that is woven and processed slightly differently than regular cotton fabrics. While it can be made of different materials, make sure you choose cotton flannel for your bedding because cotton is softer and gentler on the skin.

Did you know that flannel fabrics made from cotton are called flannelette?

These cotton warm bedsheets for winter are made fluffier using a process called nap or napping. Here, a metal brush is used to rub over the fabric, so some of the strands get loose and raised.

This process of napping makes the fabric fuzzy and thicker than normal cotton.

Advantages of Choosing Flannel Bedsheets

Supersoft warm bedsheet and pillow covers in beautiful colours of beige, maroon, navy blue

BedsheetsIndia brings to you warm bedsheet for winter in king size and queen, double, and twin sizes too. Here are some of the advantages of choosing these warm flannel sheets.

  • Just like cotton sheets, these warm bedsheets made of flannel are airy and breathable.
  • Warm bedsheets for winter are thicker and softer and help retain heat at night.
  • Flannel sheets also feel better on the skin and are cosy and fluffy to touch.
  • Flannel gets softer with every wash and hence can be used for several winter seasons.

Maintaining Flannel Bedding

You cannot treat flannel sheets like regular cotton sheets, for sure. If you want to maintain the fluffiness and the soft feel these sheets have, they need to be maintained right. Here are easy maintenance tips when you decide to wash or store a warm bedsheet.

  1. Pilling is a process where the loose strands of the flannel sheets ball together and ruin the fluffiness of the fabric. This happens when you wash the sheets in really hot water or use intensive machine cycles.
  2. Experts suggest using half a cup of white vinegar when you wash these warm bedsheets to make sure there is no pilling.
  3. Do not use fabric softener with flannel or fluffy sheets, as this would stiffen the fibres and make them hard on the skin.
  4. If you machine wash your warm bedsheets, use a gentle cycle and air dry the sheets later on.
  5. Another tip for maintaining flannel sheets is to prevent overusing them. Your sheets would last longer if you keep rotating them over the weeks, not washing and using the same sheet over and over. So make sure you have at least two warm sheets to keep changing regularly.

Best Place to Find Warm Bedsheets for Winter

BedsheetsIndia has introduced a new category, especially for winter – The warm bedsheets. These sheets are made of 100% flannel cotton and are extremely soft and cosy to sleep on. These sheets come in Grams per Square Meter (GSM) starting from 1600 and going up to 2050, which makes these comfortably thick and fluffy.

Our warm double bedsheet for winter comes with one sheet and two pillowcases. The size of the sheet is about 90” X 100”. The warm bedsheet for winter king size from BedsheetsIndia is perfectly designed to match all regular king-sized mattresses.

Supersoft warm bedsheet and pillow covers in beautiful colours of brown and beige in charming print

However, we do advise measuring the length, breadth, and thickness of your mattress before picking up a bedsheet just to be sure. The sheets have to be longer than your mattress measurements so you can tuck the ends in comfortably.

Most of our warm bedsheet collections are made of darker colours and intricate designs. Dark colours absorb and retain heat more than lighter colours and this helps make your sheets even cosier.

Did you know that most of our bedding sets can be customized to fitted sheets? You can request for the same after placing your order.

Get in touch with us to know more about fitted warm sheets.

What to keep in mind while shopping for warm bedsheets from BedsheetsIndia?

  1. The colours may vary slightly due to differences in photo quality.
  2. Make sure you measure your mattress and then pick a sheet, so the fitting is right.
  3. Wash bedsheets and pillowcases separately in a gentle machine cycle the first few times.


Many people pick up dohars and comforters to keep themselves warm for winter. This is great. However, you cannot compromise on the sheets that you sleep on. When you are back home after a long day spent in the cold, there is nothing like a warm bedsheet to relax you and put you to sleep.

The warm bedsheets from BedsheetsIndia are specially designed for Indian winters. These are soft, extremely comfortable, luxurious, and attractive. Make sure you have a stock of these bedsheets so you can breeze through the winter warm and happy.

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